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18 Types of People You Encounter at a Restaurant

Ashmeet Bagga Mar 22, 2020
We all love to have a nice meal at a restaurant, and along with the food, the ambiance and the fellow diners make the meal memorable. But sometimes, we are not so lucky when it comes to the other patrons around us. There are certain very annoying diners too. Come let's discover them.

Largest Restaurant!

Bawabet Dimashq, also known as Damascus Gate Restaurant, in Damascus, Syria, is the largest restaurant in the world. It can accommodate around 6,000 people and during its peak time almost 1,800 people are employed.
Feasting on mouthwatering prawns accompanied by tantalizing drinks at a fancy restaurant is truly a wonderful experience; one can simply sit peacefully and eat all day long. Everybody loves to eat out once in a while, but your enjoyable evening or afternoon can turn nightmarish because of a few annoying people you come across at restaurants.
Restaurants are truly unique places; they showcase a cross-section of society. You will come across a variety of characters and personalities, right from the loner quietly having his meal to a bunch of crazy beings who will virtually try everything to disrupt your humble attempt to have a peaceful meal.
These people are a combination of both annoying yet entertaining, and we bump into these stereotypes every time we dine out. So, these are the 18 types of people you may encounter at restaurants.

The Couple

Ohh! you are bound to find them at every restaurant. They will be the first ones to enter and the last ones to leave.
Getting a food order out of them can a daunting task, because apparently these two lovebirds can't take their eyes off each other. They don't want any distance between them, so they will sit besides each other and let everybody know how much they are in love! They perfectly know the art of feeding their partner and simultaneously talking through their eyes.

Lonely Eaters

They come alone and leave alone. Mostly, you will see such individuals reading a book, newspaper, or working on their laptop while eating.
If it's a working individual, then you just need to bear him/her for a half hour, because of his lunch timings. These individuals won't create a fuss over what they want, and you certainly won't be bothered by their presence.

The Megaphoners

They are 24X7 on their phones, so it comes as no surprise that they will access their smartphones even while having a meal.
In fact, they are so glued to their phones that they sometimes forget the other person's presence. If you are sitting at a table near this person, you will be forced to hear their financial as well as personal problems, because they tend to talk very loudly over the phone.

The Photographers

The moment food arrives on their table, out comes their camera or mobile phone and they start clicking away.
They believe in capturing each and every moment of their lives, so food is no exception. Also, they use a lot of camera applications and photo filters which you might not be aware of.

Laughing Maniacs

They are like Satan's own sadist army and will not let you eat your meal in peace.
These ladies' booming laughter will surely shake up all the four corners of the restaurant. Either they are drunk or simply having a good time, but they surely rob you of your peace and quiet time.

Health Conscious

They will shoot daggers from their eyes if any waiter suggests them to eat meat or anything fried or fattening. Yes, we are talking about health conscious people who thrive on salads for virtually their entire life.
They will order salad as their starter and also their main course. If they are out with somebody, they will even try to convince, no compel, the other person to start eating healthy.

The Smokers

These individuals have the knack of smoking and eating simultaneously.
Their area is full of smoke, it's as if they are planning to cloud the whole restaurant with their smoke. They are very irritating which can make even garden or open-air restaurants feel like gas chambers.

Fussy Eaters

Looking at them makes you question their existence, who does not like food? They will make a fuss over everything the other person orders.
"I don't eat fries", "I am allergic to garlic", "I hate salads", and the list continues. They probably place the order five times before canceling it again. They find it hard to finish what is served on their plate, and you will often find them making faces if their choice of food was not ordered.

Breakup Couple

For any couple who is planning to end their relationship, a restaurant it seems to be the most convenient place. One of the apparent advantages is that the girl/guy cannot create a scene publicly. But there are some people who forget that they are sitting in restaurant.
You will often see one or the other person crying, yelling, and the other party trying to quieten them down. Or it can be both individuals abusing and screaming at each other. This can be quite an amusing spectacle in a slightly sadistic way, especially if their breakup involves betrayal.

Corporate Dinner

Their table is littered with laptops and many electronic gadgets. Apparently, they are so busy that they organize lunch meetings. Humans are brilliant when it comes to multitasking, and this is one of the best examples.

The Entertainer

They love to entertain others with their loud voice and massive display of stupid tricks they picked up from somewhere. It can be dancing on their seats, or little kids playing with their food.

The Drunkards

Their table is full of a lot of varieties of liquor and empty glasses. Either they are very depressed or have nothing else to do.
You will often see them staring into oblivion and asking waiters to get them another round of whatever they are drinking. Not to mention their favorite response―"You have no idea who I am" implying don't mess with me―when the waiter refuses to serve them any more drinks.


How can we not mention these people. Once their table is filled with yummy food, they will start their selfie sessions and are likely to click at least fifty selfies. Their only mantra is to take a selfie while eating from every possible angle.

Table Feeders

Half their food is spewed all over the table or on their clothes. These people who have trouble transporting their food into their mouth will continuously ask waiters to get them a new napkin every time something falls on their shirt.


He/she will be the only person in the group to try out something new from the menu and by new, they will even be ready to try all things creepy and crawly. He is the only person in the group who has researched the restaurant's menu.

Crockery Enemies

God knows what enmity they have with crockery, or perhaps, they have slippery fingers.
You will surely find at least one person who breaks crockery or maybe a cutlery has to slip down from their hands. You will either see an apologetic face or an 'I don't care attitude' on that person.

Self-proclaimed Chefs

Probably he is the only person in the group who can name all the ingredients used in the food upon their first bite.
During the rest of the meal, all they will talk about is how the same dish can be prepared by using other ingredients too. They have tried and tested every dish in the menu and will indirectly appreciate their own cooking style.