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12 Types of Distinct People You See at the Mall

Amita Ray
No matter which part of the world you belong to, you'll always find one-of-a-kind peculiar people on every visit you make to the mall. Here are twelve types of people you are bound to come across at the shopping mall.
There are approximately 116 thousand shopping malls in the United States alone. The world's largest shopping mall is the New South China Mall in China.
Shopping Mall Facts
The joy of shopping is truly indescribable; some might argue that it is second to none. The colorful clothes, the beautiful jewelry, the pretty shoes, the fancy gadgets, something for everyone to love.
No matter what your sorrows, retail therapy can be the antidote to it all. A trip to the mall, and a good number of blissful hours just pass in an instant.
People of all size and shapes love a trip to the shopping mall. It is quite interesting to observe the different kinds of people you come across―everyone with their own peculiarities and stories.

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Here, we have described a few of these peculiar people that you're bound to meet on your trip to the shopping mall.
No matter which mall you go to, you'll always find a teenager sulking in a corner. We've come to the conclusion that this is because of one of two possible reasons.
The Lonely Teenager
Firstly, mom and dad have dragged him or her to the mall to spend some family time, and he or she thinks they are ruining his or her life. Secondly, high school sucks, and somehow, it's mom and dad's fault. So, the only place this disgruntled teenager can find some peace, apparently, is at the mall.
They're truly madly and deeply in love, and they want the whole world to know. Be it in bedrooms, public libraries, parks, or even the shopping mall, they simply can't get enough of each other.
The So-in-Love-ers
Hand-in-hand, gazing in each others eyes, these definitely do not shy away from PDA. Simply put, they just want to make the best of whatever time they've got.
Ah, the breeders, these are definitely the sods that can never go unnoticed! In fact, you might just skedaddle at the sight of the bunch at the next encounter.
The Breeders
This large with a mini troop will scream, run, jump, go trolley-racing basically do everything physically possible to bring the mall down to the ground. Of course, there will be an over exhausted mother screaming at the kids and a father conveniently engrossed in anything possible.
These beings are always on the prowl for anything on a discount―be it detergents, groceries, underwear, or shoes.
The Deal Diggers
They don't care if they have to wait for over an hour at the checkout counter as long as they get a good deal out of it. Come rain or shine, if there's a sale, they'll be there.
There are some people who go to the mall for a stroll.
The Eternal Window Shoppers
They'll look at everything, ask the price of things they're interested in, and just walk away. May be they get a satisfaction out of the fact that they could control themselves amidst all the temptations that prompts them to do this.
The moment you enter the shop, the pushy salesman follows you everywhere you go, ask you if there's something that you're looking for.
The Pushy Salesman
If you accidentally pick a product to take a closer look at it he will bombard you with everything he needs you to know about it. With his untiringly persuasive ways he will make sure you buy it. The smooth-talker might just make you buy other things that you don't want as well.
You'll always find a few couples in the mall, where the girlfriend happily trots from one shop to the other and the boyfriend reluctantly follows her with many shopping bags.
The Miserable Boyfriend
The poor chap has to appear positively interested and full of enthusiasm as the girlfriend tries on the 20th dress. If that wasn't enough, he's bombarded with trick questions like, "Do I look fat in this?" Even if she does, he dare not answer that.
For some, the shopping mall is the social watering hole where they scout for someone of the opposite sex they like. But somehow, many of these lack the subtlety to pull that off and end up being weird, creeping the hell out of everyone.
The Eye Feasters
These power-walking men or women definitely seem as if they have to be at some really important place in like 10 minutes and are on their way there, they decided to go to the mall to buy that thing they've always wanted. If you ever get in their way.... God help you!
The Men on Mission
Well there's always this person lost in his own thoughts, happily drifting across with absolutely no sense of direction. These people will choose the most inconvenient places to stand and gaze at things or to text, making sure that they completely block the way for everyone else.
The Wanderer
If you ever catch a glimpse of their shopping cart you'd think these people are preparing for the apocalypse. From vegetables to clothes to everything they need, or they don't need, they make it a point to shop enough to host a banquet for a troop.
The Cart Hoarders
Just when you pick this dress to try on, there comes this stranger telling you that the dress you picked wouldn't look good on you, or may be try a bigger or a smaller size. Some might even suggest you to try something else. The worst part is these people just don't know when to shut up.
The Know-it-alls

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Most of us, at some point of time, could recognize themselves as either one or a few of the types of people mentioned here. We sure hope that we haven't offended anyone with our take on their eccentricity.