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11 Typical Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

Rujuta Patil
One of the problems of lazy people is their slow-motion response to anything and everything. Lazybones can relate to why slumping and slouching is the most productive thing to do anytime. More so, because you just don't 'feel-like' doing it NOW. So, kindly don't ask them when if not now.
That's quite early for a Saturday morning/afternoon. One more thing lazy people can relate to - 'no-making-oneself-breakfast' and a 'ready-to-eat-brunch' thanks to your roommate. So, might as well get up after an hour. Go back to sleep!
Doing nothing, like literally nothing is top priority for lazy people. Ask why, because that feels heavenly. Sitting at home is next to enlightenment; if you're a lazybones you will so agree.
Whose gonna heat all the food up for one (doesn't mean you do it for others either). Dinner is mostly pizza, which is anyway delivered fresh; and if you don't know, pasta tastes awesome when served cold. Believe it or not, this is a common fact about lazy people.
Talking of the struggles of laziness, this one is the most common. Reaching for things is a big problem. Yes, even if you have to watch 'how-to-lose-that-extra-fat' like 7 times!
Lazy humans cannot limit laziness to themselves. It is contagious. Their cell phones and laptops are used to burning themselves until they are dead; even the solar power bank knows that it might be put out in the sun at 5.30 in the evening. Oh, cuz you were just too lazy to get up and move it earlier!
Lazy people don't like changing bed linen often. Because it's their favorite!?? OR, because making the bed everyday feels like donkey work. Yupp, you guessed it right!
Dishes and coffee mugs lying everywhere, dry clothes on the dining table that need to be folded, laptop amid this mess, your favorite blanket and pillow crumpled in a corner on the couch, and so on. Nothing is allowed to stay in its place, because you are too busy to put it where it belongs. That is a big 'lazy people' problem.
Lazy people never 'feel-like' doing anything, they are born with a slower-body-clock. So, neither does the wall clock suit them, nor does it disturb them. Being late in everything they do is a finesse others should gain from them.
Magic or what?!! Lazy people will have to relate to this one. They can go on for days with the same set of clothes (you know what we mean!), innocently believing that there is not a speck of dust on it at all. Why? Because they did not want to get out of their lazy little comfort couch aka accommodation.
Thank God you still read these 7 words! Reading books half-way through is one of the problems of lazy people; as the rest they believe is asking them to sit up straight and read. Forget it!
Nature's calls HAVE to be honored, which is one of the biggest struggles of laziness. You simply cannot wait on someone else for this one. Literally no help here!