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11 Things Only Horror Movie Lovers Can Relate To

Puja More
If you like watching every and any clip having horror element, then you're surely a horror movie lover. It's not easy being a horror fanatic - you have to go through the nasty stuff to find the best horror flick. These are not the only signs; there are many more things a horror movie fan can relate to.

The Reactions

Why do people make a grudge face when you tell them your favorite genre in movies? Their reactions are weird, not your choice. But, a huge fan of horror movies gets so used to it, that these explicit reactions don't matter anymore.

You Live the Moments

You get completely involved in the movie while watching it. You don't only become a part of it but a companion of the characters too. They can't listen to you, but still, you give them ideas and suggestions.
You guide them when the danger is around, and start soothing them if they're experiencing a paranormal activity. Your eyes and ears open up suddenly to see and listen if any such thing is happening in your surroundings too.

You are a Big Halloween Fan

You hate the idea that Halloween is celebrated just for a day. Whatever be the case, you don't ever miss the parties, and you are always up with a new costume idea every year. You start the preparation of the next Halloween as soon as one ends.

You Can Never Get Enough

Some movies scare you to death. At that very moment, you promise yourself that it would be the last horror film seen by you. But you fail to resist when the next movie is about to release.
Rather, you keep on waiting for the next movie soon after you come out the fearful trauma of the movie that scared you the most (and you don't take too long to forget the fear).

You're Always Leery About the Unknown

You watch people (especially kids) suspiciously.
Whenever you see a strange face, you wonder if everything is human-like in that person or not. Shivers run down your spine when you hear about an unknown friend of a kid you know very well.

You're Almost Skilled to Write a Horror Movie

If you are watching a movie for the first time, you can easily predict the next move of the actor. You have so much knowledge about these movies, that now you can even write one with dialogs, screenplay, and sound effects.

You're Too Sensitive About Horror

You get annoyed when people describe any of your favorite horror movie as a movie that made them laugh the most, or didn't scare them. According to you, people who find horror movies comedy or non-scary don't belong to this planet.

You are One True Critic of Horror Movies

Rate a movie on the basis of the quality of its making, visuals, sound effects, and the performance of the actors. You believe that horror movies are not only about disgusting faces, bust also flying people, bloodshed, and scary shots.

You Remember Each Scene of Every Movie

You have watched so many horror movies that you remember each spell of exorcism.
You have an experience of the situation not less than a priest or a bishop. You have almost memorized each and every dialog of the movies that you have seen.

All Other Genres are a Boredom

All movies other than horror bore you. You take a good nap while watching any of these movie with your friends. All other genre are not meant for you. You are only addicted to ghosts, and not comedy, romance, or action.

Your Phone is Filled With Scary Videos

You are so addicted to horror movies that you'll spend all your free time only in watching scary videos on the web. Your phone will be filled with all the best and trending scary videos.
Whatever people think of your choice, at the end you stay proud of being a horror movie fanatic.