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Signs That You are the Biggest Fan of Your Superhero

Neha B Deshpande
Do you self-proclaim yourself as the biggest fan of your favorite superhero? Are you smitten by the bug of superheroes, and can't stop thinking about them? This story helps you detect signs and symptoms which indicate that you might have contracted the superhero fan disease.


Laws in USA state that, dolls that resemble humans attract higher import duty. When higher taxes were levied on figurines of X-Men, Spider-Man, and the 'Fantastic Four'; Toy Biz, a subsidiary of Marvel Comics, battled the levy in court on the grounds that these figurines are mutants, and hence, fall in the category of non-human dolls.
In 2011, a crazy fan of Superman, Herbert Chavez, from the Philippines, underwent numerous plastic surgeries, including skin whitening, to look like his idol. Such painstaking efforts can be taken only by a completely fanatic individual. Who would go to such lengths just to emulate a fictional character? But Herbert did.
Nonetheless, there are millions of crazy fans out there, who, with their crazy antics, want to flaunt their love for their superhero. You might just be one of them!
How to know that you're the craziest fan of your superhero (OK, we leave Herbert's case, no one can beat that, neither are we suggesting you to do so!)? Here are a few signs that might help you guess.

You know you're the craziest fan of your superhero, when...

You've endless fights with your friend trying to prove how much you know about your superhero

You want to prove that you're the greatest fan.
So, you read every line of the comic, learn all the dialogs by heart, and simply can't stop being the crazy, lunatic fan. You might be 6, 26, or 60, but age is just a number. You know you are a real fan, and will be. Your friend, spouse, colleague, or anyone else who claims to be the bigger fan has to be put down and told his worth, in every way possible.

Dream of walking down the aisle in a superhero costume (much to the dismay of your bride).

You love your superhero so much, that you really, badly want to dress up like him on your wedding day. And, of course, you don't care what your bride-to-be thinks about it either.

Collect all the magazines, books, and merchandise that come your way .

You always want to grab the first release that comes your way. Anyone who has seen the 'The Big Bang Theory' will know the fights between Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard, just for a copy of a comic. If you're a true hardcore fan, you'll ensure that all the merchandise that comes today is in your collection.
Any free poster, figurine, tattoo with a comic book, etc., will give you ecstasy like winning the Nobel Award.

Browse, start discussion forums, blogs, etc., for your superhero (even ready for an online war).

Whenever and wherever it is possible for you to proclaim your love for your superhero, you do it, and you do it upright. You start your own blog dedicated to your superhero, and have endless debates about various theories, predicting how he is going to chase down the villain.

Go overboard dressing like the character (not caring about the 'stares' you get).

Okay, we know you love your superhero, but that does not imply that you have to go all gaga and dress up like him or her. Seriously, who would want to dress up like a cat woman? It's not a Halloween party. But no, you'll flaunt it in every way possible. Worse still, you also end up wearing a 'superhero costume' inside your business suit!

Continuously day-dream about your idol rescuing you, when in distress (or not).

Pretty lass, you cannot stop day-dreaming of your superhero.
You'll day-dream of Superman kissing you in the air. You also secretly desire that your partner will do something of that sort for you, however unrealistic it may seem. Okay, time to wake up damsel-in-distress!