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Shankaran Pillai Jokes

Life Chronicles
A joke from our very own popular, fictional character - Shankaran Pillai! Let's see what story he has to share today.
Did you know that Shankaran Pillai had children?

He had children, it's a sweet secret. So Sunday, Shankaran Pillai met his three sons and told them, ‘You good for nothings, do something good in your life!

If you do good things, good things will come back to you.’
And these kids were something, they said, ‘Father, what are good things? How to do good things?’ Because such a thought had never occurred to them.

The father said , ‘At least help a old woman to cross a street; at least that much good you do.’
So they left. In the evening they came back.

So Shankaran Pillai asked, ‘Did you do any good thing?’ He asked the eldest son.

He said, ‘Yes father, as you said, I helped a old woman to cross the street.’
‘That is wonderful my boy!’ Then the father asked the second son.

He said, ‘I also helped a old woman to cross the street.’ He thought, ‘Both of them? Maybe there were two old women. All right.’
He asked the third son. He said, ‘I also helped an old woman to cross the street.’ He said, ‘All of you? You found three old women to help them across the street today?’
They said, ‘Who is talking about three? All of us together, we helped one.’ ‘What? It takes three young boys to help one old woman to cross the street?’
‘No, even we three were not enough, you know our cousin Ramu, we also took his help.’ He asked, ‘What is that? To help a old woman, three of you and Ramu also?’
They said, ‘Yes, you don't know how stubborn these old women can be. She did not want to cross the street. We held her by the four limbs, and then crossed the street.


If your humanity is constipated and you’re trying to be good and good, good is not going to work. Good is not good.

There is no good way to be. There is a human way to be.

If you overflow with your humanity, divinity has to descend, it has no choice. ~ Sadhguru
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