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Memes You Will Relate To If You Love Shopping

Vinita Tahalramani
I won't say I am a shopoholic, because I am not the one. It is just that I either wear money or eat it up!
Go through some of such relatable situations if you love to shop!
Me: When grocery sale is over! ☹️
When the payment desk has long queue...😋
When I was asked to buy a toothpaste only.
And don't have toothpaste in the cart...🙄
When I see bathing essentials in the store!
When I am asked, if I want a carry bag!🤔
When I see discount on grocery😍!
And then...
...how I see myself when I get extra grocery!
When I ask mum to take me along for shopping!
Now, when she does not agree!
Mind calculation...🤑 when I hear the price of the dress out of my pocket expenses.
When my gym trainer asks me to walk 1000 steps a day, and I walk with my bags.
Me After Shopping
I Have Nothing Left...
And I realize it's...
Month End!
Me to Myself: Oh yes! I am dealing with stress, I need to go for shopping now!
They Say: Shopping is Stress Reliever
If you are one of a kind, atleast could relate to any of these situations, or even if the story reminded you of someone; do share it across.👍