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Lockdown: What It Means To The Animal World!

Dr. Maisie M
All other life forms except the humankind seem to be having a time of their life, as we stealthily sit back in our cozy corners and let the pandemic pass by.
Here's a virtual tour into the life of these resilient beings in the post-lockdown world! Let's hear them 'out'!
No human heads to poop on..
The World Around Us Is Changing...
My human feeds me, and walks me a lot nowadays!
I am happy! :)
All work and no play will make you a dull boy!
Best Days of my life :)
Hardest days of my life :(
 Stop whining all the time!
You need a counselor,
not a pet!
He never steps out of the(my) house! I'm afraid he never will!
Do I have to accompany you outside? Like daily?
What's Corona anyway?
My #METIME has gone for a toss!!
I didn't choose the THUG Life...
 The THUG LIFE chose me!
Why did the chicken cross the road?  
We need social distancing too!
An unattended farm produce..
It's time to party!
Live and let live.
Leave us alone.
At least NOW!

A lot of people seem to be eating too much these days. Are they preparing for hibernation?
About time we reclaim our land!
The air looks cleaner,
And the pastures are greener!

Look who's all caged up now!
He needs to get his ducks in a row first!
Why would he stay home when he can be with us?