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Hilarious Being Single Memes Specially for Single People

Being Single is Liberating!
Rachna B Gupta

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"Being single is pretty good. It's a nice sense of irresponsibility." - Unknown
THIS totally sums up my LOVE LIFE!
My definition of SINGLE

ME - When its FRIDAY....
And all my friends are out on dates!
I am probably still SINGLE because..

I never forwarded those chain messages!

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I have been single for SOOOOO long, that I have even forgotten to spell.
This is how I sleep...
Knowing I am SINGLE and NO ONE is cheating on me!
I am SINGLE because..
NOBODY believes I AM!
I am single by choice
- NOT MINE, but certainly SOMEONE'S! 
I am so out of practice that..
This is how I look at anyone who flirts with me! 
The relationship status of people around me:


Whereas MINE
Still waiting for my Prince Charming!
Perks of being SINGLE..
You can check out all the good looking guys!

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When you are single..
 You can eat your favorite food just the way you like to!
Everytime my family and friends tell me I should be in a relationship!
What I do...
Do you still want to know why I am single?
For visiting....
Hope you had a good laugh!