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Girlfriend Memes That You Will Find Relatable

Aishwarya Swamy

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Let’s accept it, You have created girlfriend memes either secretly in your own head or among your ‘Boys Gang’ and we don’t blame you for it because most of them are honestly hilarious!

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Here are some symbolic memes of what you have at some point experienced with your girlfriend.
The emotional baggage your girlfriend is all ready to carry from her previous relationships.
When your girlfriend said she just needs 5 more minutes to get ready!
When she said she wants to take things slow but then asks when will you introduce her to your family.
When she doesn't just pretend but actually pays for dinner!
You know you messed up big time when she calls you to say "good night' at 6 in the evening!
I am mad at you and I'm going to be very specific in telling you why
When you're getting ready to ask your girlfriend why she is upset.
When what you said was only mildly annoying but unfortunately it is "that time of the month"!
When you start a fight for something she did, but she already has everything you did wrong locked and loaded from the last 20 arguments that you don't even remember!
When you actually have valid points in a fight so your girlfriend resorts to plan B - Crying!