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13 Funny Vegetable Memes To Make You Laugh

Lettuce enjoy a few funny vegetable memes and puns.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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They say vegetables in your diet are good for health. The same goes for funny vegetable memes. They make your day bright and keep you cheerful.
Everybody ROMAINE Calm!
Haters Gonna Hate
I Don't carrot at all
What does a nosey pepper do?
Gets Jalapeño Business
When mom packs vegetables for
The bacon of vegetable world
We don't have any vegetable jokes as yet So, If you do Lettuce know..
If you were a vegetable,
You'd be a Cute Cucumber 
Up Beet
Down Beet
Sick Beet
Dead Beet
.     .
Ha- Pea-Ness
I have bean thinking of you
It's time to party, turn up the Beet
Don't settle for being
Celery-brate the good life every day

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These 13 funny vegetable memes do not 'beet' around the bush and are a wholesome package to keep you smiling through the day.