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Funny Things Shopaholic Person Can Relate To

Wait till the end to know how many of these situations apply to you...
Etiksha Mewada
Oh My God !
I always wanted it !!
Well, the wardrobe already has three different kind of blues yet the one shade of blue that you have apparently out-of-nowhere fallen in love with, is the one that you do not have !

 Cheers to the birth of "I always wanted it" list.
Excuses? No!
Those are called Festivals !
Most awaited
Keep tracking the order, from the warehouse pick up to the dispatch. How long will it take or when will that door bell ring? It's the most awaited doorbell ever!
Who are these people and where do they come from...
Fear Of Missing Out!! 
It's insane to constantly feel that hope we ordered all that we want but its a never ending feeling cause no matter how many substitutes you keep adding to your cart, the heart is never satisfied and it just wants to be