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Funny Memes About Best Friend

A best friend is someone who loves and accepts you with all your flaws!
Rachna B Gupta

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Did you know that best friends share about 1% of their DNA, which is as close as a fourth cousin?
Me... when my best friend talks to me with respect!
if you...
mess with my best friend....
You have to deal with me!

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Best Friends....
Destressing, after a hard day at work!
My Friend: Prisons do not have Netflix!
ME: Hey, send me some words of encouragement so that I don’t murder someone at work today!
When your best friend isn't talking to you and you don't know the reason!
The look when teacher asks you to pick a partner!
When you see your best friend
with a girl he likes!
I hope we are friends even in the afterlife! 

Friend - I really like this guy, but I don't know much about him.
Me - Don't worry, by this weekend...
When someone calls your best friend her best friend!
That face...
When your best friend makes plans to hang out with someone else!
When you are scared of heights..
and your friend says that she has booked you a PARAGLIDING session!
I chose to date my best friend's brother so that I get to spend more time with her!
When your friend posts...
And you feel like replying...
What am I? A piece of furniture!
When it's...
way past your bedtime and your best friend can't stop talking!

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"Nowhere is a wonderful place, especially when you’re beside your best friend." - Winnie the Pooh