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Insanely Funny Laws around the world

Rajib Singha
Generally, law is considered as a serious affair, and mostly it is. But there are some weirdly funny laws,which make no sense. For instance: In France, it is illegal to marry a dead person. (Why would someone marry a dead person anyway, unless one is lunatic, maniac or sick!)
Funny laws or dumb laws are attributed as trivial, useless, or unnecessary. Most of these laws act against behavior or actions which are ordinary and/or mean no harm. If we go by the books, then dumb laws do exist. But most of them are an exaggeration of real laws or are based on concepts that are unrealistic.

Funny Laws From Around the World

➚ In Sweden it is illegal to use the services of a prostitute. Prostitution is legal though.

➚ Post 10 P.M. do not flush the toilet. It is illegal to do so in Switzerland.

➚ Do not leave your house without your underwear, if your house is in Thailand. It is not legal.
➚ You will die an illegal death, if you die in the House of Parliament in England.

➚ While still in England be careful with a stamp that bears the image of the Queen. Placing it upside down is a punishable offense.
➚ You cannot name a pig Napoleon in France.

➚ It is not legitimate for men to make love to male animals in Lebanon. Female animals are allowed!

➚ Avoid chewing gum in Singapore. Doing this is illegal.

➚ In Milan, unless for funeral or in hospital, if you do not have a smile on your face in public, you would be fined $100.

Funny Laws In the United States

In Alaska it is illegal...

➚ For moose to indulge in mating behavior on city streets.

➚ To wake up a bear and get some snaps of it. You can hunt it though.

➚ To whisper in a person's ear if he is moose hunting!

➚ For a kangaroo to pay a visit to a barber shop at any time.
➚ To tie one's pet dog to his/her car's roof.

➚ To treat a moose with alcohol.

➚ To roam the city while carrying bows and arrows.

➚ For a drunk to be allowed to comb his hair in a bar.

➚ To throw grenades on the street!

➚ To put your dog in the back of your truck.
In California it is illegal...

➚ For any kind of animal to do "it" within a range of 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.

➚ To use a used underwear to wipe off cars.

➚ To ride a bicycle in a swimming pool!
➚ For anyone to wear cowboy boots unless he/she owns at least 2 cows.

➚ For women to wear high heels while in the city limits.

➚ To provide act or receive the favor of oral sex.
➚ To serenade a woman without a license.

➚ To cry while standing in the witness box in Los Angeles courts.

➚ To keep a child from playing in puddles of water.

➚ To serve alcoholic beverages to a gay person.
In Ohio it is illegal...

➚ To kill a housefly without a license, if one is within a range of 160 feet of a church.

➚ To breast feed in public.

➚ For cars to scare horses.

➚ To take mice into captivity without a hunting license.
➚ To lean against a public building! If done, then fine is levied.

➚ To sell cornflakes on Sunday.

➚ For women to make a public appearance without shaving her face and legs.

➚ To toss a snake at someone. You can shake the creature at someone though.
In Oklahoma it is illegal...

➚ To molest an automobile.

➚ For dogs without a license, to congregate in groups of three or more, on private property.

➚ For anyone taking a bite out of hamburger of someone else.

➚ To prolong a kiss for more than 3 minutes.
➚ To indulge in pre-marital sex.

➚ For anyone to make "ugly faces" at dogs. He/she may be fined and/or jailed.

➚ For woman to indulge in a gambling game while only wearing lingerie, towel or when nude.

➚ To go for whale watching.

Some More Funny Laws in the U.S.

Here it is illegal...
➚ To indulge in sexual activity with Satan, without using a condom.

➚ To make love on the wedding day, if the couple is hunting or fishing.

➚ To make love with a live fish.

➚ To make love with the lights on.

➚ For a man to kiss a sleeping woman.
➚ To mistreat rats.

➚ To give false weather reports.

➚ For unmarried woman to parachute on Sundays.

➚ To imitate an animal.

➚ To shower naked, in Florida.

➚ To indulge in any other sexual positions except the missionary one.
Disclaimer: The laws have been presented here solely from an entertainment point of view. Here the execution of any of these laws in the court is not encouraged , without getting them verified by an attorney.