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Family Memes That Will Get You a Laugh

Families that bond over laughter, live longer!
Rachna B Gupta
"The most important thing in the world is family and love.” – John Wooden
Truly annoying, but they carry your blood!
Mosquitoes are like family members...
When your mother brags about your achievements and shares things you haven't done!
~ My best friend during family gatherings. 

If you don't know who it is
It could be YOU!
Every family had that one WEIRD member...
Welcome to our family...
It is the only place where the LOUDEST person wins and LOGIC takes a backseat!
HUH! Another retake?
This time please tell me which camera to look at! 
DAADYYYY....Can I please eat my ice cream in PEACE!
I smile because we are family...
I laugh because there is nothing I can do about it!

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My face..
When my OVERGROWN children ask for an Easter basket!
The moment...
My mother calls me by my full name!
In our family values are so deep rooted that we unconsciously always pose like this! 
I told my cousin to THINK before he speaks!

He has only been MESSAGING since then!
Our definition of TIMEOUT!
After the last family get- together I placed this outside my house.
The salesperson at the toy store said it helps keep relatives away!
I am proud to share...
in my family "CRAZINESS" has not missed a single generation!