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10 Challenges Only a Pizza Delivery Guy Can Relate To

Rohan Kadu
Who doesn't love pizza?! That intoxicating smell of different toppings on the pizza base whenever the pizza guy passes by makes you wonder how awesome his job must be! Basking in those delicious aromas, munching on a favorite slice when time permits, all for delivering pizzas to specific locations within the city.
How hard can that be? But the different challenges faced by delivery guys will tell you a completely different story.

Did You Know?

During an average pizza-eating session, an adult goes on to consume nearly 750 calories.

Working Overtime Without Pay

It might be a mad rush of calls during the weekend, or just an unusually busy weekday. No matter how the day turns up, if it's required to extend the shift hours, you have to work overtime, and that too without extra pay.

Losing Way While Delivering

You need to have a fair idea of the main city areas and landmarks to reach to your destination on time.
While GPS may be handy, it won't show you the signs for one ways or tracks meant for bicycles only. It's best if you know as much as possible about every nook and corner of the city. Otherwise, you may have to deal with an irate customer for a late delivery.

That Awkward Moment Waiting to Get the Probable Tip

Not every customer is a generous donor, and sometimes, you have to bear the door being slammed on your face after you have returned the change.
You are dying to hear the comment, 'keep the change', as receiving tips from customers is a major add-on to your income. If not all the change, then a decent 10 - 15% of the total amount would be generous enough. But it all depends on the type of customer and the way the service is handled.

Cultivating Patience

During the main working hours, when orders are pouring in and it's busy as hell, it's quite frenzied. But when there are no orders, or when there's traffic on the road, or when the customer is paying the bill, you have to do a lot of waiting. There is just no option to it.

Missing Part of the Delivery

Either the receiver did not take proper note of the order over the phone, or the cook forgot to add in the extra toppings, or it's you who has forgotten to take the soda.
Ultimately, it's you who is gonna face the music when the customer finds a part of the order is missing. This is one mistake which may occur very rarely, but to err is human.

Losing Out on Social Life

Being a pizza delivery guy means you have to work in shifts. This may sometimes result in staying out for work till late night, while your friends become free in the evening because they have 9 to 5 jobs. This makes you lose out on a lot of your social time.

Delivering in Notorious Parts of Town

There can be times when a pizza guy has to deliver to the shady parts of town, known for thefts and murder. The only protection is a prayer to god that you make the delivery unscathed and hurry back to the shop in one piece.

Having to Bear Multiple Pizza-bags

You have got to cater to four to five rush orders at once, and the deliveries are near the same locality. So, rather than coming back to the shop for taking each order, you pile up the bags and make the deliveries in one go. It's a pain to handle so much luggage, but you got to do what you got to do.

Taking the Order on a Defective Phone Line

"Sorry Sir, but your voice is getting cut. What was that again?" A bad telephone line tries the patience of both, the customer and yours. While you may give a fair amount of trial for asking to repeat the order, the customer may ultimately lose his temper, hang the phone, and come directly to the shop. This hampers your reputation of providing good customer service.

Having to Endure Through Any Weather

Whether its snowing or raining, you have to be prepared for any weather the season might bring. It's best to take care of yourself by wearing proper clothing to endure the climate.