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Alternative Jobs for Famous Superheroes

Amita Ray
Who doesn't love superheroes? Imagine how awesome it would be if they were around! But with the state of the economy, even they would have to get a part-time job. Here are some of the jobs, we think, that would be befitting for some of our superheroes.

Actors Who Have Played More Than One Superhero

1.Halle Berry as Storm and Catwoman
2.Chris Evans as Human Torch and Captain America
3.Ben Affleck as Daredevil and Batman
Super-human abilities, check; funky costume, check; devastatingly good-looking, check; constant urge to save the world the world, check. No wonder, superheroes are loved by all! Unfortunately, being famous and loved unless your costume has numerous endorsement, doesn't bring home the bacon.
The only way these superheroes could keep their cape endorsement-free is to get a part-time job. Although most superheroes have jobs, the thought of them using their superpowers to find a mundane job is particularly tantalizing. Be it Flash delivering pizzas or Superman carrying cargo! Here are a few jobs that we think some superheroes can be successful at.


Although Peter Parker secretly uses his abilities to click photos of himself for the Daily Bugle, if Spidey could really show off his abilities, he'd definitely be earning a living cleaning windows of buildings comprising the New York skyline. Think about it, one that gets the job done!


What better way for the Green guy to vent a little steam and a make quick buck off it, than to work at a construction site? He keeps smashing and breaking stuff anyway, why not use it productively!


Who better to clinch gold for the country than the master archer, Hawkeye. With his precision, he'll never miss a target. Moreover, he could even participate as a fencer and probably bag another gold. Now, that's what we call killing two birds with one stone!


May be an unsavory job, there is no man or machine better than Cyclops with his powerful optic beam to dismantle a ship, oh wait, so can Wolverine!

Harry Potter

Although Harry Potter could manage to do almost anything in this Muggle world, we feel that a job at the fire department would be more befitting to his courageous nature. His job―rescuing kittens from trees. think about no one else, just a guy on his broom to the rescue.


Whether you need to clean under the couch or get a cargo delivered overseas, super fast, the guy in the red cape is your man! Just a couple of bucks, and you could have yourself transported across the Atlantic while drooling over his exceedingly good looks.


Although Logan's blade can cut through just about anything (except Cappie's shield of course!), we just can't get over the mental picture where our Mr. Badass dons an apron and uses those invincible adamantium blades to slash zucchinis and carrots.

Iron Man

Who needs AAA to combat a car crisis when you have Iron Man to the rescue, that too, maybe, in a fraction of the time. Not saying Mr. Stark needs a part-time job, but a touch of the man himself would transform your car into a mean machine.


With her powers to manipulate the weather, this weather girl would never go wrong! If she asks you to carry your umbrella, you do it.

Human Torch

Most men have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to barbecuing, but no one can show off like the human torch. And if he can make a few bucks off it, then why not!


From slushes, to snow cones, to Popsicles, he makes them all; who is he? He's Iceman. When he's not saving the world, he's selling ice cream. Give him your favorite juice, and he'll make it into a Popsicle within seconds, all for a cent!